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APM Workcare delivers a wide range of services designed to transform lives.

APM Workcare provides assessment, vocational rehabilitation and employment assistance services across New Zealand. If you have an injury as a result of an accident, we deliver comprehensive and quality assistance in the following areas:

  • Stand alone work place assessments
  • Stay at work services
  • Work ready services
  • Job brokerage services
  • Job search services


Vocational rehabilitation services are aimed at assisting adults who have sustained an injury achieve their maximum level of function, and safely return to work and activities of daily living. Assessments are designed to obtain objective information regarding an individual's abilities and limitations, in order to determine functional capacity, and rehabilitation and return to work potential. Services are structured, goal-oriented, and promote positive functional outcomes.

APM Workcare uses a client centred approach, recognising that every person and setting are unique, and strives to find the best solution for each situation. The consultants at APM Workcare share a dedication to ongoing education and training, have experience working in a variety of occupational settings, and are sensitive to many workplace issues such as safety, productivity demands and current legislation.


 To obtain more information please contact us on 0800 WORKCARE (0800 967522)