We are proud to deliver health and wellness services for employees in the Department of Corrections

We deliver personalised support programmes as part of the Physical Readiness Assessment Support Services Panel.

These programmes help prison employees meet the requirements of the assessments and improve their health, fitness and wellbeing.

Our consultants work with each referred employee to understand their job demands and their lifestyle.

We deliver support to help employees perform their job and maintain employment by reaching their individual goals.

When any employer comes to APM for help maintaining a safe and healthy workforce, we get to know every job role and working environment required.

We pride ourselves on working to understand the demands of the job and helping teams perform at their best.

Employment support services

APM delivers job placement and in-work support for individuals due for release from prison or who are serving community sentences

On behalf of the Department of Corrections our services aim to help both the individual and the employer once a job is secured.

We get to know every individual we work with and tailor the support they receive to their needs.

Our help and support includes CV preparation, job searches and applications, interview and presentation skills, motivation and confidence building and transport to interviews.

We also help individuals with disclosing their convictions to their employers.

When a job is secured, our in-work services support employees in learning their responsibilities, working with their line manager and resolving any issues that may arise when they start. This includes how to respond to questions or comments about their convictions and advice on keeping healthy.

Employers also get support where required, including on-the-job coaching, maintaining positive relationships with their employee, tips for addressing concerns in the wider team and information to dispel myths about offenders.

Individuals are referred to APM by Department of Corrections case managers and probation officers.  


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