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Return to work safely and quickly following a workplace injury.

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Return to work with tailored recovery support 

When you come to APM, you're in safe hands with an experienced team of allied health professionals dedicated to supporting you and your recovery goals.

We know every injury is unique, and every individual needs a personalised approach.

Our network of more than 500 health and assessment professionals are dedicated to the recovery of every injured person they meet.

If you experience an injury, we work with you, your employer, and any stakeholders involved in your health and employment to deliver a simple, structured, return to work plan.

Recovery at work helps

Our experienced team knows how returning to your job quickly can improve the speed and success of your overall recovery.

This includes returning to an alternative role if your pre-injury job is no longer suitable due to the nature of your injury.

If your injury is covered by ACC, our services may not cost you or your employer a thing.

ACC Stay at Work Programme

APM is a trusted provider of the ACC Stay at Work programme, helping people across Aotearoa stay in employment or return to work following an injury.

How it works

  • We meet you at your workplace to complete an initial assessment
  • We work with you and your employer to develop a plan
  • We liaise with stakeholders and your recovery team to approve your plan
  • We support your return to work

As part of the programme, we may engage with other professionals, such as psychologists or physiotherapists, to ensure you get the best support.

Your employer can refer you

If you're off work due to an ACC covered injury, your employer can refer you directly to APM for an ACC funded Stay at Work programme. 

To make a referral your employer can complete the form below.

Upon receipt of your referral, our team will:

  • Confirm receipt of your referral
  • Check your eligibility & discuss other options if you are not eligible
  • Contact you to make an appointment
  • Get you started on your pathway to a safe and sustainable return to work

Your health and safety is our main priority

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We want every person we work with to have a positive experience with APM.

Our promise is to listen, be respectful and provide expert advice to support your to return to work.

Your dedicated APM consultant will:

  • work with you, your employer and medical or health professional to create a return to work plan
  • identify any barriers affecting your return to work, and help you manage them
  • develop guidelines for a gradual, safe and sustainable return to work
  • agree medically appropriate duties and hours with your health professional
  • act as a single point of contact between you, your employer and any insurer and health professional
  • assess your workplace, your capabilities and identify opportunities for new tools or workplace modifications to make your role more suitable

If required, you may also be able to access our community rehabilitation services such as concussion and pain management to help your recovery.

If you can’t return to your job

If changes to your capacity to perform job tasks mean you can’t do the same role, we can help.

When a return to your pre-injury role isn’t possible, we continue our support.

We work with your employer to assess your workplace and your job tasks to get a full understanding of the work being carried out.

We also assess your functional capabilities and use a vocational assessment to determine what jobs you’re best suited for.

Together with you and your employer we look to see if other roles, or new roles, will work out within the same organisation.

If this isn’t possible we work with you to support a job search for suitable work with an alternative employer.

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